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August 2004

Wednesday, January 25, 2006



Sweet sorrow, partings ... yadda, yadda, yadda!
Soccer is over.

It ended last night in playoff format. We did not do well as a team. I say that because I played one of my best games on defense. I felt comfortable doing it. It only took 9 games to get into the swing of things.
So for the playoff format, since all the teams are there and playing, you only play 2 quaters, so 24 minutes. IF you win you play the next team, and advance throught the bracket. If you lose, you wait to play some other losers and advance through the loser bracket. So we played, we lost, we waited to play again, we lost again. It was not pretty. We had no nothing, no one played with fire, except me and the goalie, and since we were in the back, we didn't take many shots. It was just a rough night, and at the same time, completly opposite of what was normal for the season, aside from the losing part. I mean usually we are the bruisers, a team of high school football friends, playing indoor soccer with hockey rules, body checks and all. For whatever reason last night the first team that beat us, got too physical with us one of the guys even got kicked out o of a later game. There was in ordinate amount of trash talking, so much so the guys who did it, came over and apologized to us later for letting their mouths run. It was a very different experience from our usuall hocker nights, aside from the losing of course. SO....
9 weeks of soccer
I dropped 20-25 lbs.
Meet some good guys
learned how to play soccer again
had some laughs
played with an Olympic Gold medalist
Lost a ball
Skinned my kneee worse than I ever have (it rocked, and it is still skinned up)
Overall had a great time

Though the team is taking the spring session off, who knows, but I think I will be playing again.


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