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August 2004

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

And the work week begins again. So much on the plate of to-do's today. So much I did not get done last week, and now it is gonna hurt a little this week. And of course there is just a lot to do in general. Stayed entirely to late last night watching taped shows, that I could have watched this week. And then of course I got up entirly too early. Now I feel like the walking dead.
I did catch a little of the Biggest Loser marathon they had on Bravo this weekend. Of all the reality shows, this clearly has to one of the most life changing for people, not all that great television. But it is damn impressive what 3 months in a Ranch house with nothing to to do all day but work out eat right and learn from a trainer can do for you. Not to mention the isolation of it all.
I will say it was sad to see one guy, who was booted in the middle of the show, not keep at it. He clearly had some chips on his shoulders, butted heads with the trainers and his teammates, then gets put off. Needless to say his outlook and things did not look like they improved and neither did his condition. I mean I know we all are responsible to ourselves, but still you know he had his pride hurt, a little embarressed and then he gave up, just sad to see it all on film.

But onto other things, not as if I am going to make a habit of this but here is a picture I took in Seattle a while back... quite a while back... nice sunset I thought.


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