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Saturday, December 31, 2005



The New Years post.

Last year, I got really cynical, when it came to the new years post and decided to not waste my time, making resolutions. I regret that now. It would have been nice to look back, and see what I did, or did not accomplish throughout the year... make a recap of sorts and see how I stacked up. But alas, I didn't.
So this year, I am not going to make the same mistake. I do have a year recap, and some resoultions for 2006.

All in all I have to say 2005 was a good year for me. The job was steady and the pay got better, greatly enhanced by getting licensed as a Landscape Architect. That was surely a milestone for me. I moved up in terms of living arrangments, and 3 months in the new place, and I am loving it. I still need to meet some neighbors, but that will come. I did good on my diet from May to August 1st. Lost about 30 + lbs. and loved it. Then I went on hiatus and put back on 15+. So far though I am down aagain, another 10 lbs. so net loss for 4 months of activity and 8 months of sloth - 20 lbs, total up and down -55 lbs. I do think the up and down of the weight has cemented one thing in my mind this past year. And that is how much of my happiness is currently tied to my waist line. Maybe one day when I have other stuff to fill my heart, my waist won't take up so much room, but for now it does. Almost the exact same story can be said of my financial situation. I was up and came down, went back up again. and here I sit, with modest gains in some areas, and back to 0 in others. I still have work to do next year but I think I can do a lot in the beggining, and just like the wieght I do realize how important my finances are to me and the way I would like to live. I have got to control it.
I took some wonderful trips this year to Louisville, Lexington, Huntsville, Nashville, Atlanta,Los Angeles, Misc job stuff over the state, and of course Hawaii. I saw a lot of family and friends. And of course I have been lucky to make some good friends this past year. Things all around in 2005 were good to me. 30 was a good year for me. So next year, starting right off I am on the right foot, paying off some credit, clearing accounts, checking the credit, sticking with the workout program, And I even have a spring trip planned to look and work forward too. So for my details for next year.

1. see 200 lbs. - this may be a longshot but you have to try
2. Credit debt - 0, actually sit down with someone who is educated in finances and go over what I have, want, doing and what I need to be doing.
3. Never wear this pair of brown slacks to work again. - they have been my fat pant slacks for far to long. Today they are retired to never surface again.
4. Actually work on the wardrob, get some nice shirts for the office, enough of the college student budget when it comes to clothes.
5. Famaily - family is always on the list. See-em more, talk to em more. And such. I gots good family.
6. When I get the confidence up (weight etc.) Get more dates, stop waiting for the dates to happen and make them happen. Dating in 2005 could have been a lot better if I was a little more assertive, I need more of the make it attitude, vs. fate will knock me down attitude.
7. A work goal - get my next certification done. My boss wants me dual certified, so be it. If nothing else it will be very good for me.
8. Need to get back to a steady reading habit.
9. Continue my journals - I have a lot of journals, I have this, I have the little book, I have another online, and I really enjoy them all for different reasons. I need to not lose sight of the enjoyment and release I do get, while not getting bogged down in criticism.

Well that is a damn healthy list and post. I will put this up soon with maybe a little more.
I almost had tp gp back and erase this post after watching Larry King the other night, I never watch Larry but I saw he was going to have the winners of Biggest Losers on so I tuned. THat interview then turned into one with Tony Ronbbins and New Years goals and etc. Between the 2 interviews I was mesmerized. What was said the advice that was thrown around. It just really struck a chord with what I had been thinking about for the past week and going into the year. It was good to hear and think about. So here it is for today. And tommorrow it starts all over again.


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